molecular biologist

Medical Writer

Graduated in Molecular Biology, after a brief research experience I started my career in medical-scientific communication.  In particular, I decided to focus my attention on biotechnologies, as this is a largely unknown sector which nevertheless exerts an increasingly preponderant weight in our society.   

my history

After I graduated, I was a little bit confused about the career to follow. Although I loved studying and keeping up to date, the idea of spending the whole day in a lab was not what appealed to me the most. Similarly, the idea of convincing doctors to opt for one product rather than another in a sales role did not excite me either.   

This Hamletic doubt continues until I come across a medical writer role: it didn’t take long for me to see in it my character, attitudes, and abilities, all put together in one single profile. There was nothing left to do but to throw myself into this adventure, towards new horizons and satisfactions.


I start right away with translations in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, but soon I find myself facing my first medical writing tasks. There are no limits in the fields to consider: one day you need to write about a form of cancer, and the next one you need to write about an infectious disease. The task is certainly challenging but also extremely exciting.